Independent Contractor

Using A Home Care Agency Vs. Hiring an Independent Personal Attendant

Home Care AgencyIndependent Personal Attendant
Caregiver backup for emergenciesWe are ready and able to fill the need with one phone call.None. Home care backup is extra stress to your family.
Bonding, liability & workers’ comp. insuranceOur staff are bonded and insured, giving you peace of mind that if the caregiver hurt themselves in your home they would not sue your homeowners insurance policy.Usually none. It’s your responsibility to investigate any insurance held by these individuals. Private individuals can sue your homeowners insurance policy if hurt on the job.
Quality control & supervision of home care staff• All cases are carefully monitored and supervised by our Geriatric Case Managers and our management team.
• Random visits made regularly.
• Family members kept
informed on a regular basis.
These individuals are completely independent and lack formal supervision.
Continuing caregiver trainingWe provide continual mandatory in-service caregiver training.These individuals may or may not continue to build upon their knowledge and skills.
Payroll, taxes, and IRSWe assume responsibility.You are responsible for reporting and remitting state, federal, and FICA taxes to the proper tax authorities.
Criminal background and reference checksOur employees are carefully screened at the time of hire with several layers of thorough background checks. Approximately 90% of applicants do not meet our high standards.It is your responsibility to check the background of the individual.
Flexibility of home care servicesYour home care service requirements will rarely stay the same.
• If the skill level or amount of care that you require increases or decreases, we can accommodate your needs.
Skills are fixed to the particular individual, and you pay for the skills they can perform rather than the skills you need.
ExperienceOur caregivers have been delivering quality home care to satisfied clients for an average of over seven years.Variable.
General availabilityWe can provide home care services to you and your family 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. Your caregiver is available on weekends and holidays.One person means limited days and hours. You are responsible for staffing a replacement for sudden sickness, time off, emergencies, and vacations. Employment transitions mean that you start all over again.

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