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What are Residential Care Homes?

Residential care homes are known by different names depending on where you live. In some areas they are called adult family homes. And in other areas they may be referred to as personal care homes, adult foster homes, or group homes. Typically, they have the same things in common: they provide care for seniors in a homelike setting.

Who Benefits from Residential Care Homes?

This type of setting is great for residents who do not want to live in a larger community setting but still require assistance. Typically, the type of care provided in residential care homes is similar to the care offered in Assisted Living facilities or Nursing Homes.

What Types of Services are provided by Residential Care Homes?

residential care homesThe staff in a residential care home may provide aid with medications, bathing, dressing, and other activities of daily living. Because of the homes’ intimate settings, owners often specialize in particular resident needs. For example, this might include offering diabetes care or memory care services. In addition, residential care homes often cater to those with certain dietary requirements.

Residents who speak a particular language (Spanish or Chinese, for example), or those with particular religious or cultural backgrounds, may also receive specialized services at a residential care home.

What Types of Activities are Offered at Residential Care Homes?

Resident activities at residential care homes are varied. Depending on the facility, residents may engage in board games, folding laundry, or preparing for the evening meal. In addition, transportation may be included as part of the service the residential care home provides. And this may include things like: doctor’s appointments, shopping, banking, or trips to a local senior center.

How Much Do Residential Care Homes Cost?

Rates for residential care homes are usually charged per month. And the monthly charge typically includes: three meals per day, utilities, housekeeping, laundry services, activities, and possibly transportation. In addition, care level charges will be determined after the resident’s needs have been assessed by the owner or operator. The cost of residential care homes varies depending upon a variety of factors including: city and state, and the types of services offered.

Finding Residential Care Homes in Kentucky

If you are looking for residential care homes in Louisville, or anywhere in Kentucky, All Best Home Care is here to help. As specialists in Kentucky senior care services, we have a lot of information on different residential care homes in the region. For more information or help finding a residential care home to meet your needs, contact All Best Home Care via email or by calling 502-456-2273.

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  • Also Known As: Board and Care Homes, Group Homes, Adult Family Homes
  • Payment Sources: Private Pay, Medicaid (in some instances)
  • Price Range: $3,000 to $7,000 per month depending on the services and level of care provided and whether or not it is a shared/private room
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